What’s your top business goal, to increase sales and market shares and to use advanced technology to make some cutting costs
Is this possible with today’s traditional, unfeasible systems plagued with significant issues
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When it comes to streamlining and differentiating key B2B processes, nobody knows better than EappEra. We care about your business just as much as you do. There’s a reason why countless wholesalers just like you choose OrderEra without hesitation. Join the movement by requesting your demo today to discover why.

OrderEra is the brainchild of EappEra; using sophisticated technology to simplify and streamline your business's life. We are more than just consultants selling stacks of paper with bright-colored charts. We’re here to guide and support you by reimagining the way you think and tinker with the levers of success. Through forward-thinking strategies, you can finally focus on what matters: Getting more clients and growing your empire!
In our minds, it’s time to move on from “today’s” system, and embrace “tomorrow’s” solution! As a distributor or manufacturer, what is your main concern For most, it’s the lack of communication and inefficient good’s ordering systems.

We’ve brought the future into the present, giving you the convenience of being able to develop your products and deliver without room for error. We’ve performed years of strenuous research to deliver the best of the best. The crème de la crème. The unique business tool you need to collaborate, create, and thrive. Our customized platform is the only way to scale your business. The journey begins now.

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OrderEra Solution

OrderEra is the easiest and most advanced way to do business. You can classify all retailers depending on order volume. Offer discounts, deals and more for each retailer category.

Retailers care about one thing: getting the right assistance, for the right price, in the right time-frame.

Our universal solution allows them to be served online with ease; quickly, free of charge, and in a neat, organized way. They will enjoy real-time access to product information and prices. No more inaccuracy. No more nonsense. Retailers can access order updates, delivery information, exciting discounts, updates on hot new items, and beyond.

It just makes sense, don’t you think?
Shop Admin

Shop admins can easily enter their company’s channel to assign roles and authorities, privileges, and more – from any device, anywhere, anytime. Access sales data in real-time, approve orders and new customers, and direct all sale activities from the palm of your hand. Admins will enjoy a clear insight to facilitate better business decisions using real, accurate and updated reports and data.

OrderEra Rep

Maximizing sales is without doubt one of the biggest challenges for reps worldwide. Use OrderEra to become the master of your time, plan for the future, minimize time wasted by searching for orders’ location, discover new marketplaces, and more. A convenient on-hand map directs reps to stores’ doors, helping them to more efficiently and accurately manage their time and efforts.


Introducing the latest and most innovative concept in the world of technology. This is your chance to better serve retailers online; assisting them in a fast, FREE, and organized manner. Give them what they want – real-time access to the right products, at the right prices, in the right time frame. Give them peace of mind that they can trust you without hesitation. Eliminate the need to over-bombard them with conflicting information. They will enjoy convenient, real-time updates on order statuses, delivery details, and more. They can discover hot new items, offers and discounts, and beyond. Ultimately, no wholesaler should be without THE tool engineered for success – OrderEra.

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What sets EappEra apart? We genuinely care about seeing you succeed. Our success is rooted in your success, after all. That’s why we always go the extra mile for you, our valued client. Our skilled employees are more than just staff members. They’re family. They remain enthusiastic around the clock and never fail to deliver exceptional work. We can’t wait to meet you.


Glance into the world that could be your future. Are you ready to reach out and grab it?

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